Sunday, April 13, 2014

TEA KNOWLEDGE is Coming Soon!

Tea is by far the second most consumed beverage in the world. (first is water) Not only most restaurants and coffee shops serve tea, it almost became a trend to see newly opened tea shops around the corner everywhere in the city.

But what is tea? It might look or taste different depending on where you live. There are different tea recipes adapted to a place's history and culture. In many Asian countries, tea ceremony tradition has a long history and still a highly respected practice now. In some countries, on the other hand, tea might simply be a refreshing beverage to enjoy.

There are too many tea recipes that you can find on the internet today; however, traditional tea recipes always have their own unique ingredients and teaware associate with their origin. For example, tea in Tibet is made with salt and butter. In Russia and many European and Middle East countries, it is common to make tea with a set of teaware called samovar. In the next few weeks, our team will investigate these unique tea recipes and their history behind it.