Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[RECIPE] Cupcake Decoration inside Liners


This is an easy way to decoration your cupcakes, especially if you are planning to make them as a gift. When putting into a gift box, it is often messy and frosting usually melted by the time you hand the gift to your friend. This method of decorating cupcake pretty much avoid all those trouble because it is part of the cupcake.

First, you have to prepare all the tools and ingredients you need:
- piping bag or condiment bottle
- silicon liners (how to bake in silicon liners)
- cupcake batter in two or more colors
- oven

1. clean, dry, and Spray/butter/oil liners (so that cupcakes can smoothly come out afterwards) 
2. Pipe out the patterns, shapes, decorations you like on the liner.
2. bake for 5-10 minutes or until decorated part of the cake is solidified.
3. Add the rest of the batter (another color) on top of that, and bake until it's ready! Read your cupcake mix's direction.
4. Remove silicon liners from cupcake, you should be able to see those patterns you make!
5. Wrap it up as a gift or enjoy this adorable cupcake right away!

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