Sunday, September 21, 2014

[DESIGN] 5 DAYS TO GO! And We Just Had an Interview with Erika Rydberg

"Alchemy of Tea" campaign is about to come to an end, thank you for everyone's support and we really appreciate everyone's interest in SweeTooth Design's work! 

Although we sell our posters after campaign ends, it will be great to tell your friends about our Kickstarter campaign before it ends because we sell them with a much lower price on Kickstarter! ***Also note that DIGITAL VERSION of "tea sets" is available for Kickstarter backers ONLY!!

There is other good news, we just had an interview with Erika Rydberg, who is a media and communication professional who is interested in Tea and Kickstarter. We seems to be a good fit for her interest, and we are more than happy to reach out! Click on link to read our interview:

Again, thank you for your support!

Have a Wonderful Week!

SweeTooth Design Company