Sunday, September 28, 2014

[DESIGN] Alchemy of Tea is Successfully Funded on Kickstarter with Great Result!


Our team is very excited to get successfully funded on Kickstarter! Thank you for all of your supports and contributions to our "Alchemy of Tea" project! If your friends or you are interested in pre-ordering more of our tea or cookie posters, please check out our website:!shop/cukb

What's Next After Our Funding Period Ends?

Surveys are already sent to you. Please fill it out before Monday 10/13/14 to receive rewards on time! **This survey is REQUIRED! It is the ONLY WAY for us to collect information from you!
We are also working on our THANK YOU LIST of this project. If you are one of our backers and would like to be credited under a different name or wanted to remove your name, please contact us before Monday! We will post the list on Monday 9/29/14.

We will then stick with the schedule below:

10/10 Receive funds from Kickstarter & Amazon

10/13-10/17 Print, Pack, and Ready to be Shipped.

10/20-10/24 Ship all rewards within this week. (If we still haven't receive your payment or filled survey at this point, reward will be delayed.)

10/27-11/14 Expected Delivery Date. Some locations may require approx. 2 weeks of delivery time, please inform us if you haven't receive your reward by 11/14.

Thank you for Choosing SweeTooth Design's work, we will post the latest update as we work through the next few weeks!

Best Wishes,
SweeTooth Design Company