Thursday, September 18, 2014

[DESIGN] Featured on Taiwanese Media and Had an Interview with Essen Magazine

During the last few days, we found out that we were featured on several blogs titled in a different language, "A Must Tea Collection for Tea Lovers! A Poster that Collects Tea Practices Around the World Called 'Alchemy of Tea'", where author Annti Wang wrote about "Alchemy of Tea" in great details.

"美國 SweeTooth Design 推出《Alchemy of Tea鍊茶術》,把 15 種經典茶品整理成樹枝狀圖表,從起源的茶葉類型到中間的調味過程,儼然就是一份茶之寶典,絕對是茶迷們家中不可或缺的收藏阿!"

In translation:
"An American team, SweeTooth Design, launched "Alchemy of Tea," organizing 15 classic tea recipes into a tree diagram poster begin from the type of tea leaves to mixing with different ingredients. It is definitely an indispensable tea treasure for tea fans'!"

Meanwhile, we also had a chance to have an interview with Essen, an online magazine dedicated to the aesthetic taste and style of food. Check it out at:

Again, Thank You for Supporting Alchemy of Tea! We Hope Everyone is Doing Great as well!

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